support your children to join competition, but do not force them

When you watch TV or read the newspaper, many times you will find information about the successful and smart kids. It shows their achievement in academic field, sport events, art and culture, writing composition, and many other fields. Then, you may think that if those children are able to have great achievements, what about your children. Perhaps, you will think that your children can also do the same thing as those kids. But, it seems there is no special thing happens on your children. It is fine if you want to compare your children with others as long as it is done to get positive things. Start to talk to your children about those kids and their achievement. Notice whether your children get interested on that news or not. If they are interested, your tasks are begun.

You may notice in the field that your children are interested in. They may good in sport but perhaps one of your children is good in writing. After that, you can support them to join sport club. This is the way they can be in the community that focuses the work in guiding the children to have good sport performance. If there is competition, whether it is local or wider, suggest your children to join. If they want to join, provide their needs and spend your time to attend the competition. But, if they don’t want to join, you do not have to worry about it. Perhaps your children do not have enough self confidence, or they feel that their capacity is not enough yet. The most important thing to remember is that you are not allowed to force them whatever your reasons are. They should not be under pressure while joining the competition.

You may also go online to find information about various children competitions. The information is given regularly. As long as your children are interested in certain competition, you may enroll them. On the contrary, do not force them to follow your ambition too much. You may want to have super kids who have good achievements in various fields. But, look at your children condition. Forcing them will make your children become stressful and this is very bad, not only for now but also the future. You are allowed to support your children maximally in order to win the competition and get fabulous achievement, but make sure you do not force them just to fulfill your own ambition.